Are You a Personal Trainer? Need Personal Trainer Business Forms and Tools?

Whether you are just starting your personal training business or whether you have been doing it for years, you WILL need business forms specific to the personal training business.

Healthwave Fitness & Business Consultants provides a complete set of PERSONAL TRAINER business forms, documents, and tools specifically designed for Personal Fitness Trainers.

This complete and thorough set of personal training business forms, personal training business documents, and tools are all you will need to assess and monitor your clients, maintain your business, and provide ongoing service while covering you completely from a liability standpoint.

Personal Trainer Business and Legal Forms

The Product: It's great!

This business package offers everything you need to successfully run your business in every aspect without the confusion of excess paperwork. Why spend your time trying to figure out what you need when it's all right here for you?

This package has been professionally compiled by health professionals, business consultants, and lawyers to ensure the highest quality and most comprehensive legal coverage!

  • Save time and effort!
  • Save on legal fees!
  • Improve communications with clients and prospects!
  • Improve business productivity!

This package includes 100+ Forms specifically related to your personal fitness training business!!

Fitness Forms

  • Initial Consultation form
  • Pre-session Prep form
  • Readiness to Change Questionnaire
  • Health Management Profile
  • Exercise Consent form
  • Lifestyle Questionnaires
  • Muscular Strength Testing forms
  • Body Composition Testing forms
  • Client Progress Chart
  • Food Journal forms
  • Workout logs
  • Exercise Program sheets
  • Client Trainability Index
  • Par-Q Forms
  • Health and Medical History Questionnaire
  • Plus More!

Business Forms

  • Agreement for Personal Training Service
  • Consent and Release of Liability
  • Cost Plan Analysis
  • Medical Freeze form
  • Client Invoice Samples
  • Appointments planner
  • Payment/Training record form
  • Medical Release form
  • Physician Cover letter
  • Expense forms
  • Advertising Cost Plan
  • Monthly and Yearly Income Tracker forms
  • Lead Tracking forms
  • Value Assessment forms
  • 5-year Goal Plan
  • Plus more!


  • Press Kit checklist New Client checklist
  • Client Goals checklist
  • Conversion Tables
  • Daily Habits checklist
  • Referrability checklist
  • Plus more!


  • New Client Welcome Letter Referral Letter
  • Press Release - sample, plus tips to writing one
  • Client Handouts
  • Developing a Mission Statement
  • Fitness Information and Fitness Norms Tables
  • Plus more!

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Top 10 Tips for Personal Training Success!

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101 WAYS To Kick-Start Your Personal Training Business !

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Make Big Bucks in Fitness!

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  • Dozens of valuable links of online fitness resources that will save you money and help you promote your business

99% of all documents in this package can be customized to fit your business identity, including adding your business logo, adding your company name, and changing wording and specific information in the forms.

You can instantly download the complete package for only $34!

Forms are in PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel format.

Note: The e-boxes are for demonstration purposes only. No refunds will be given due to misinterpretation of this fact and no product will be posted to you in any form or shape unless specifically requested. If you prefer printed forms and printed e-book, please CONTACT US for price.